Sleep beyond extraordinary

A great night’s sleep can change your life. At Shleep we’re dedicated to your wellbeing and the vitality that a great night’s sleep brings to our waking life. Our breakthrough philosophy is simple, and incredibly effective. Research shows we sleep better with wool. Because surrounding yourself in the natural qualities of the finest Australian merino wool will give you a better night’s sleep, we created ShleepHalo™ the first ultra-luxurious bedlinen for an extraordinary night’s sleep.


Nature’s miracle fibre

It works because it’s based on the science of sleep. The rare finest Australian merino wool in ShleepHalo™ fabrics has natural breathability and thermal regulation, as well as supreme softness and durability. Our fabric keeps your body in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ so you get to sleep faster and enjoy the benefits of deeper and longer sleep. We call this nature’s healing halo effect, for a happier and healthier waking life.


Luxury that performs better

ShleepHalo™ fabrics are as smooth as silk, as luxurious as cashmere, as light as gossamer yet machine washable. Our exclusive fabric combines the softness and health benefits of the finest Australian merino wool, with high performance attributes. Innovation in technical knitting and weaving has enhanced the natural breathability, thermal and moisture regulation of nature’s miracle fibre merino wool to create a luxurious natural fabric that’s incredibly easy-care.


ShleepHalo™ layering
for all seasons

Australian merino wool is the softest in the world, and that’s because of its fine fibres. For the technically minded, wool fineness is measured by the diameter of the fibre commonly known as micron. The lower the micron number, the finer the wool.
Our Shleep Halo fabrics only use 19.5 micron or below, which makes it super-soft (lesser quality Merino wool used in most apparel, averages between 20- 25 micron). That’s why Shleep can confidently rival the luxuriousness of high-quality silk and cashmere. ShleepHalo™ trans-seasonal fabrics are incredibly light and comfortable – whatever the temperature you’ll enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

ShleepHalo™ fabrics are natural, trans-seasonal, super-soft and easy care

Naturally easy to care for

ShleepHalo™ luxurious natural fabrics naturally perform better, and their inherent qualities make our products easy to care for. Our finest Australian merino wool fibre is naturally resistant to stain and odour, and most ShleepHalo™ products are machine washable. Simply check the care tag or instructions included with Shleep.

Fresh air or tumble dry

ShleepHalo™ fabrics will dry beautifully in the fresh air (preferably avoiding direct sun) Tumble dry or dry cleaning are also good options depending on the climate, and your preference.

Nature’s miracle fibre

The naturally protective structure of ShleepHalo™ finest Australian merino benefits your health. The protective outer layer of the fibre is resistant to stain and odour. It’s hypoallergenic and anti-static attracting less dust or lint, and the fibre springs-back with a natural resistance to wrinkles.

Custom wash bag for bedlinen

The custom wash bag included with your Shleep bedlinen provides extra protection for the superfine fibres. Simply place your bedlinen in the custom wash bag and use the wool or delicate cycle.
You can use our special fleece brush to maintain the silky-smooth finish of your Luxury Knitted Fleece.

Warm + Cool
Actively responds to
temperature change

Absorbs moisture
and wicks it away

Light + Soft
Super lightweight and
luxuriously soft

Sustainably committed,
and biodegradable

Easy Care
Machine washable,
resists stains
and wrinkle free

Unique Fibres


The unique qualities of nature’s miracle fibre are at the heart of our innovative fabrics, created to surround you in wellness inducing sleep. Known for its supreme softness and durability, and natural thermal and moisture control characteristics, fine merino is prized by textile and fashion designers for its beauty and performance.
At Shleep we only use the finest Australian merino. This rare fibre is so fine the resulting fabrics are as smooth as silk, as luxurious as cashmere. Wool fineness is measured by the diameter of the fibre, known as micron. The lower the micron number the finer the wool. When you consider a single fine human hair is 100 microns, and merino wool is 24 or less, our finest merino is an amazing sub-19.5micron! That’s why our contemporary luxurious fabrics only use the finest pure Australian merino, for a better sleep and a happier, healthier waking life.

Exclusive Fabrics

ShleepHalo™ fabrics are original and exclusive, combining the softness and health benefits of the finest merino wool with high performance attributes. We’re constantly innova