A great night’s sleep can change your life

At Shleep we’re dedicated to your wellbeing and the vitality that a great night’s sleep brings to our waking life. Our breakthrough philosophy is simple, and incredibly effective. Research shows we sleep better with wool. Because surrounding yourself in the natural qualities of finest Australian merino wool will give you a better night’s sleep, we created ShleepHalo™ the first ultra-luxurious bedlinen for an extraordinary night’s sleep.



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Indi, Founder of Shleep

Say goodbye to sleep deprivation and enjoy a better waking life!

That’s been the mission of Indi, our founder, since she discovered the amazing wellness benefits of finest Australian merino back in 2016. Her passion and commitment to innovation will revolutionise the way we sleep. You’ll love Indi’s inspiring, life-changing story.

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The last few years has seen a shift in consumer perspective to home and health and a world-wide concern for wellness. In retail, ‘home’ has become a more important category than fashion! This change has further reinforced my commitment to wellness, a journey I started after years of living by the credo that long hours and limited sleep was the price of success. We all have our version of that story! As a hard-driving executive, like everyone I worked and competed against, this falsehood of ‘no sleep cool’ had not only put me on the edge of workaholism and sleep deprivation it had turned me into a less insightful, alive, and creative version of myself.

Then I moved to Australia, famous for its relaxed lifestyle of sun and surfing, and its sheep – and I started to think differently about sleep.

Everything changed when I learned about the real world of wool. Australia is home to the world’s most luxurious finest merino wool, that’s as smooth as silk, as luxurious as cashmere, as light as gossamer. And I’d always thought of wool as the bulky crewneck sweaters that keep out the cold but mess up your hair in winter!

The incredible health benefit of wool is that this luxurious fiber doesn’t just feel amazing, it works unlike anything else. It breathes, it removes moisture from our skin, it’s hypoallergenic. That’s why it’s an Australian cultural norm to sleep surrounded by wool.

Here we lie on underlays and beneath covers, because the more wool to touch our bare skin, the more we feel comfortable through the night, and the better we sleep.

And since we all now know the truth – of the importance of good sleep, to our overall health, our well-being and quality of our waking life, I dedicated my rejuvenated self to making a brand full of products that reveal the life-changing, good-sleeping secret of pure finest merino.

On behalf of all the wonderful people who’ve joined me in pursuing this passion, I’m excited to welcome everyone to Shleep. for a really great night and a way better tomorrow.