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Fleece Brush

CAD $26.00 - $39.00

GST & Shipping inclusive

Maintain the super-luxurious softness and beautiful feel of your Luxury Merino Knitted Fleece with our custom fleece brush. Simply brush the fleece gently in opposing directions to refresh and restore the silky texture after regular use, wash or and dry cleaning. Ergonomic Durable Easy Care.

Waxed paddle wood | Waxed paddle wood frame with rounded stainless-steel pins set in a soft rubber pad.

Wood - Stainless-steel - Rubber

Fabric:Wood - Stainless-steel - Rubber Select Fabric 

Width - 11cm x 16cm - 4.33" x 6.3"
Width - 11cm x 7.5cm - 4.33" x 2.9"

Size:Select a Size Select Size 


Color:Natural Select Colour